That's So Jackson

BLACK MAD MEN - Episode #1: Hummus

It’s the 1960’s and white business owners want their products to be embraced by the black masses to help drive business. 

Watch Dontrell Dresser, Peggyliqua Oldschool, and Patron Kwambell, the backbone of burgeoning black advertising agency, CPT, as they attempt to pitch a winning campaign to Luke’s Hummus. 

Directed by Morgan Evans 
Written by Phil Augusta Jackson
Produced by Phil Augusta Jackson & Morgan Evans

Anthony Appruzzese - Luke 
Sasheer Zamata - Peggyliqua Oldschool 
Shaun Diston - Patron Kwambell
Phil Augusta Jackson - Dontrell Dresser 

Editor: Kevin Etherson
Animation: Ryan Simmons
Ad Illustration: Maelle Doliveux
Crew: Anthony Appruzzese & Hao Lian

Sometimes PRIDE gets the best of us. 

I wrote this short that stars George Kareman, Joe DiMartino, and myself.

Directed by Tom Capps and produced by Kevin Etherson with the help of an amazing crew. 


one goal - work harder than last year.




Don’t say we never got you anything for the holidays. Check out the first episode of Broad City on the link above on!

Ever wished you could say you watched Breaking Bad before everyone else?

Well now you can say you watched Broad City before everyone else.

This show is THE SHIT.

Monday reblog - Watch This!

So good.

Why haven't you been a musical guest on TCGS?

hi there - i’ve talked about it with chris before, so maybe someday. for now, i find great pleasure in doing poetry on the show.







TCGS #106 - The Villain’s Journey

Is Random Messenger Bag truly a hero or just a man who has yet to be properly tested? Also, the Front Bottoms join us and make our audience go crazy!

One of the most shocking and discussed episodes of TCGS’s entire run - out on our archive a day early. If you missed it live last night, get a look at this immediately!

Instant Classic.

This is my favorite episode we’ve ever done.

THIS IS GREAT TELEVISION. The last half feels like the TCGS equivalent of Apocalypse Now with Gethard as Kurtz.




Latest from CARDIGAN! Who doesn’t love to Citibike?? 

Our latest!!

New Cardigan! Citi Bike.




Written, produced, and performed by Riley Soloner.

Featuring Phil Augusta Jackson, Patrick Noth, and Emilea Wilson.

Mixed & Mastered by Patrick Noth.

Album art by Andrea Streeter.

Here, get it now.

“I’m sorry. I’m mad at the wrong people.”

Vacation Jason mixtape. It’s Veezy season. 

New mixtape - JACKSON ACCESS MEMORIES. Available here for free downlaod:

I really dig the latest Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, so I made a short mixtape using some of my favorite songs from the album.

Let’s JAM!


How did you become such a true true improv, life champion?

well first off, thank you for the kind words!!! second, i feel like i’m still chasing champion status in improv and definitely in life. but we should never really feel like we “got there”, right? i dunno, have a nice day! thanks again!