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MR. POPULAR, episode #6 (of 6). THE FINALE. 

Take one more stroll through the neighborhood with Mr. Popular. And one more look inside of his life at home. 

Featuring Madd Chadd, Patrick Noth, Nicole Byer, and Will Hines. Directed by Kevin Etherson and produced by Tom Capps for Above Average.

Thanks to everyone involved and to everyone who watched.  

MR. POPULAR, episode #5 (of 6)

Mr. Popular takes a stroll through Griffith Park before getting swallowed up by one of his vices. 

Featuring Jocelyn DeBoer, Eugene Cordero, Zack Bornstein, Jessica Lowe, and Chloe Wepper . Directed by Kevin Etherson and produced by Tom Capps for Above Average.  

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

MR. POPULAR, episode #4 (of 6) 

We’ve reached the Los Angeles portion of the series, and Mr. Popular is as cool as ever…as long as he’s out doing his thing. 

Featuring David Ayala, Halleluyah Walcott, Jason Meyer, and Colton Dunn. 

Good times. 

MR. POPULAR, ep 3 (of 6)

Featuring Zack Poitras, Tom Capps, Kevin Etherson and more.

Good times. Sad times.

Here is MR. POPULAR, episode #2 (of 6). 

Popular on the outside. Popular on the inside? 

This episode features more awesome folks - Chelsea Clarke, Shaun Diston, Johnna Scrabis, and Matt Radlow. 

Directed by Kevin Etherson, produced by Tom Capps, presented by Above Average, and written by me.

More good times. Hi-five!

MR. POPULAR, episode #1 (of 6).

This is a new series I created that premieres today through Above Average. 

Some really awesome folks are in the pilot episode - Brandon Gardner, Matt Dennie, Kassia Miller, and Shalyah Evans. Directed by Kevin Etherson and produced by Tom Capps along with an awesome crew. 

Take a walk in the shoes of Mr. Popular. 

BLACK MAD MEN - Episode #1: Hummus

It’s the 1960’s and white business owners want their products to be embraced by the black masses to help drive business. 

Watch Dontrell Dresser, Peggyliqua Oldschool, and Patron Kwambell, the backbone of burgeoning black advertising agency, CPT, as they attempt to pitch a winning campaign to Luke’s Hummus. 

Directed by Morgan Evans 
Written by Phil Augusta Jackson
Produced by Phil Augusta Jackson & Morgan Evans

Anthony Appruzzese - Luke 
Sasheer Zamata - Peggyliqua Oldschool 
Shaun Diston - Patron Kwambell
Phil Augusta Jackson - Dontrell Dresser 

Editor: Kevin Etherson
Animation: Ryan Simmons
Ad Illustration: Maelle Doliveux
Crew: Anthony Appruzzese & Hao Lian

Sometimes PRIDE gets the best of us. 

I wrote this short that stars George Kareman, Joe DiMartino, and myself.

Directed by Tom Capps and produced by Kevin Etherson with the help of an amazing crew. 


one goal - work harder than last year.




Don’t say we never got you anything for the holidays. Check out the first episode of Broad City on the link above on!

Ever wished you could say you watched Breaking Bad before everyone else?

Well now you can say you watched Broad City before everyone else.

This show is THE SHIT.

Monday reblog - Watch This!

So good.